Welcome at 'Paraguayan Chía Chamber in formation'! Promotion of interests of Paraguayan Chía Exporters

¡Bien venido al 'Cámara de Chía Paraguaya en formación'! Promoción de intereses de Exportadores Paraguayas de Chía 

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Training & education (e.g. good practices, food safety, certification, production, commerce, and logistics)
Improve cultivation yield
Provision of technical assistance services (advisory)
Provision of information (e.g. news, updates, aera sowed, sowing time, reference prices, manure & fertilizers (foliar), weed control - pre- and/or post-emergent herbicides -, treatment & prevention of Sclerotinia, desiccants)
Promote sustainable agriculture (agroecological and certified organic)
Promote reduction and/or elimination of products that  cause problems at MRL (- Maximum Residue Limit - E.g. Glyphosate, Paraquat, Diquat, 2-4D)
Establish regulations for certified seed, its availability, provision and its promotion
Establish regulation for quality grades of finished product and its promotion
Group purchase of consumables (e.g. packaging, desiccants, containerliners - objectives: reduce cost and improve availability -)
Participation and support in national and international events
Research and exchange of experiences and “Know How” (procedural knowledge)
Promotion of the opening of new markets (China, Mexico, Vietnam, among others)
Networking (form business relationships, create and develop business opportunities, share information, and seek potential clients)
Point of information & contact for foreign companies and institutions
Representation of the sector at press and institutions (e.g. laws - achieve nationally VAT 5% instead of current 10% -, decrees and related resolutions)

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